Land Of Plenty Dance Party!!!

Dancing is crazy. It just doesn't make any fucking sense.

Go ahead, watch yourself dance in the mirror. Look at you- what the hell are you doing?

You aren't doing anything. You are moving around, shaking parts of your body, and not going anywhere. You get tired, you sweat, BUT YOU HAVEN'T ACTUALLY DONE A SINGLE THING.

Why do people dance? I have no idea. I suppose it might have something to do with sexual prowess and impressing prospective mates- everybody wants to fuck a good dancer, that is the straight truth, and animal mating rituals often involve some form of dancing and performing. But that still wouldn't explain the ridiculous amount of time, energy, and money humans spend dancing. Some people's entire lives are devoted to professional dancing. Some people dance in their cars in the middle of the night, when no one can see them. Some people dance without clothes on, for money. Hundreds of people crowd into little rooms, turn on music and funny lights, wiggle around mindlessly for a while, and then go home. Dancing is fucked.

It may be pointless and absurd, but it is fun, and is therefore a big winner in the Land Of Plenty. Me, I don't give a fuuck. I will dance up and down your ass, delighting in the complete insanity of my erratic body movements. Am I sick? Am I hurt? No, I am simply shaking around for the sake of shaking around, bumping and grinding becuase life is complete nonsense and everyone is out of their fucking minds. Sign me up. Put 'em on the glass. Make that booty clap.

Watch what happens when the Big Gun Assault feels like dancing. Anywhere, anytime. We can dance the shit out of Popeye's, we can tear shit up and you can't stop us. Nothing can stop us. The download is huge, but you know what to do while you are waiting.

music: Shake Your Fanny, performed by Diamonds in the Rough
download 5.2MB quicktime file if you don't have ViewMovie plug-in

-- slap maxwell


-- slap maxwell