I have had a lot of stupid jobs over the years;

Washing dishes, bussing tables, serving yogurt in a Korean restaurant, selling newspaper subscriptions door to door, flipping burgers, posting flyers, delivering medical supplies, blah blah.

I was just getting ready to hop a flight to Japan to teach English when I happened upon the Big Gun Project in Santa Monica. After a bit of long-distance courting and the occasional apocalyptic road-trip visit, I moved to California and began working full-time at my first real job.

It beat washing dishes, no doubt about that. We had freedom to do what we wanted (drink under our desks, swing from ceiling pipes, take skate breaks), and more importantly, work on projects we cared about. I ended up producing the Land of Plenty, a weekly writing/video column for the Crash Site on the internet. I wandered around, got into trouble, shot and edited footage, and tried to explore ideas about life, parading it all as my "path to better living". I ended up doing car stunts and holding lunch-break dance parties and shooting off fire extinguishers. I wore a red jumpsuit, which was my gimmick (but don't let that stop you), and spent time on the clock driving around in other people's Porsches and jumping from hotel roofs into pools. Despite the tendency to sound like 90's shoe commercials, I did consider it a genuine philosophy, an ideal way of thinking that I always wanted to follow.

The crash site and LOP didn't make any money, and so my job couldn't last and I got laid off. Or maybe I quit, since things were getting stagnant and it was time to start paying the bills (i.e., do work you don't really want to do.) Either way. I am loose again, stumbling, looking around for some new answers to old questions. I've put it up here at Sakebomb because I still believe in the ideas and I would still like people to have a chance to check it out. Thanks to Driver, Taz, Rogers, Mike S., Pat D, Heath, Kirk, Jake, G, Paul, Chris, Bloom, Byrne, and all the other big guns who worked on this shit with me and never told me to shut the fuck up. Believe.

-- slap maxwell

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