This was our last full day, so we stashed the bags and made our way to Akihabara for some purchases. Paul grabbed a Colombia portable record player, we both resisted the siren call of the tight and shiny minidisc players, and we walked out of the gun store with a Glock 17, a Smith and Wesson, a Sig Sauer P228, and a Ruger. Not a bad score. Last time we slid right through LAX customs with a duffel bag full of plastic guns, so we hoped our luck would be as good this time around, stuck the guns in the record player box and sealed it with a kiss.


They aren't real, but that won't stop the LAPD from bringing in a helicopter and pointing a loaded shotgun at the back of your head. Ask Geoff Mcfetridge sometime.

Paul, DJ Akio, and Andi.

We checked our emails at an internet cafe, there was a one drink minimum so we got some beer and reflected on the choice surroundings. The future is good, I think. Afterwards we hooked up with Andi for some ramen and made a last minute decision to travel to the beach to spend our last night at Takuji's house.


Living the dream.

Three crowded and hectic train rides later, and we met Tak at the end of the line. We got back to his place and stretched out in our first real accommodations of the trip, gladly accepted his beer, and wished him off to bed. He needed a break. We also needed a break, but then again we are fat and lazy Americans, and that is to be expected. We took showers, Paul got in the sauna and I took a dip in the pool. Afterwards we drank beer and watched surf movies and I fell into a warm and welcome sleep on the couch.

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